Deputy Involved Shooting

*** UPDATE as of 7:20 p.m. on January 24, 2020***

Delvin J. Ford has been charged with:
Murder in the second degree
Felon in Possession of a Firearm

Additional charges are pending as the investigation is on-going.

While conducting their investigation, detectives determined 29-year-old Marquis Golden and 22-year-old Delvin Ford pointed and fired an AR-15 rifle and a .40 caliber hand gun at Deputy Richard Curry.

Detectives say, when Deputy Curry exited his vehicle, Golden and Ford fired multiple rounds at him as he ran for cover in the alleyway. Deputy Curry fired his 9mm handgun 18 times.

Detectives discovered three (3) .223 caliber spent shell casings at the scene of the shooting, from the AR-15 rifle used by Golden. The rifle that was dropped and abandoned by Golden as he fled to the rear of the property, contained an additional 27 rounds of ammunition. Deputies found Golden deceased with multiple gunshot wounds in the backyard.

Detectives recovered five (5) .40 caliber spent casings. When Ford was taken into custody by deputies, he was found to be in possession of a .40 caliber handgun.

Next to the AR-15 rifle was a fully loaded 9 mm handgun, which also appeared to have been dropped or abandoned, as Golden and Ford fled from the scene of the shooting.

During their search, detectives discovered two (2) additional firearms inside the backyard apartment where Golden and Ford came from prior to the shooting. Both of these firearms were fully loaded and one was reported stolen out of Hernando County.

Sheriff Gualtieri commented, “Had Deputy Curry not gotten out of his car, that car would probably have been a coffin.” “I’m glad he [Deputy Curry] is safe and that he handled the situation as well as anybody could have handled it…through his training, through his experience, and through his actions, he saved his own life.”

Additional charges are pending as the investigation is on-going.


***Original News Release***

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office
Patrol Operations Bureau
-Violent Crimes Task Force
Investigative Operations Bureau
- Robbery/ Homicide Unit

Deputy Richard Curry Jr.
Date of Hire:3/21/2016

Marquis Golden (Deceased)
Age: 29
Address: 2501 36th Street South in St. Petersburg

Delvin Ford (Arrested)
Age: 22
Address: 2222 36th Street South in St. Petersburg

Detectives assigned to the Robbery/Homicide Unit are investigating a deputy involved shooting after two men pointed firearms at a deputy in St. Petersburg.

The shooting occurred at about 9:33 p.m. on Thursday, January 23, 2020.

The incident occurred in the alleyway of the 2200 block between 35th Street South and 36th Street South .

Detectives assigned to the Robbery/Homicide Unit are investigating a deputy involved shooting after two men pointed firearms at a deputy in St. Petersburg.

According to detectives, at about 9:07 p.m. on Thursday, January 23, 2020, an officer from the Clearwater Police Department attempted a traffic stop on a Lexus for a traffic violation at Harn Boulevard and U.S. 19. The vehicle fled from the stop and continued south on U.S. 19. The traffic stop was terminated and a pursuit was not initiated by the officer.

A few minutes later, an officer from the Largo Police Department observed the same vehicle and attempted a traffic stop on U.S. 19 at Whitney Road. The vehicle again refused to stop and fled east on Roosevelt Boulevard. A pursuit was not initiated by the Largo officer.

According to detectives, it was discovered that the vehicle was registered to a residence located at 2222 36th Street South in St. Petersburg. The Clearwater Police Department contacted Clearwater officers working with Pinellas County deputies in the Violent Crimes Task Force. The task force was working in the area of St. Petersburg at the time and were provided the possible address of the vehicle.

Members of the task force responded to the area to look for the vehicle at the St. Petersburg residence. Deputy Richard Curry Jr. parked his unmarked car in the alleyway next to the residence.

Deputy Curry was dressed in a law enforcement uniform that clearly identified him as a deputy sheriff while seated in his car. An unknown male approached Deputy Curry’s vehicle and looked in the front windshield to view the driver. Deputy Curry rolled his driver’s window down and identified himself as a deputy sheriff. The male acknowledge Deputy Curry as a deputy and returned the residence.

Detectives say moments later, the same male and a second male exited the residence and approached Deputy Curry’s vehicle with guns pointed at his car. Deputy Curry, fearing for his life, exited his vehicle and fired his agency weapon at the men. The men dropped an AR style rifle and a semi-automatic handgun as they fled south from the alleyway. Through preliminary investigation, it appears that both subjects fired at Deputy Curry with the AR15 rifle and semi-automatic handgun. 

Responding deputies discovered 29-year-old Marquis Golden deceased in the rear of the residence. A Clearwater police K9 responded and obtained a track south from the residence. Eventually the second subject, 22-year-old Delvin Ford, was located hiding on the roof with a handgun at 2320 36th Street South in St. Petersburg. Ford was taken in custody without incident.

Deputy Curry will be placed on routine paid administrative leave.

Sheriff Gualtieri held a press conference on scene and the video can be found at: 

The investigation continues and charges are pending.

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