So far this year, we’ve responded to 33 pedestrian related crashes. Pedestrians and drivers are equally responsible in preventing accidents. With school resuming and traffic expected to increase again, practicing these tips in your community will help keep you and others safe.

For pedestrians:

  • Be predictable: Following the rules of the road and obeying signs and signals will help drivers identify when you’re going to move and where you’ll be going.
  • Be alert: Limit your use of electronic devices to help minimize the amount of distractions that could take your eyes off your surroundings.
  • Be visible: Whether you’re walking during the day or night make sure you are visible to drivers. Be sure to make eye contact as you cross and wear clothing that would increase your visibility.
  • Cross with caution: Be sure to utilize crosswalks and cross at intersections where drivers would expect pedestrians. If there’s no crosswalk available, locate an area that’s well-lit and cross only when there is enough time to cross safely. Look for cars in all directions, including turn lanes.

For drivers:

  • Be aware: Watch for pedestrians everywhere, especially when you’re driving while visibility is limited.
  • Look for Crosswalks: When driving, be prepared to yield to pedestrians entering a crosswalk. Never pass vehicles who are stopped at crosswalks. There could be pedestrians crossing that aren’t in your field of vision until it’s too late.
  • Be a safe driver: Adhering to the basic rules of the road, observing the speed limit, and never driving under the influence will dramatically decrease your chance of being involved in a pedestrian accident.

Whether you’re behind a wheel or on foot, ensuring you maintain a courteous and attentive attitude while you’re on your way will help minimize your chance of being in a 100% avoidable accident.

If you think your community is in need of additional pedestrian infrastructure, contact your local Public Works Department. 

Posted by Verliz Williams Tuesday, August 3, 2021 9:22:00 AM

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